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Hi there, we’re Cuvo and we help early stage companies.


Early stage companies don’t need consultants or new ideas. We help founders build their company by nurturing the skills within it and executing the vision.

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We partner with early-stage founders to create extraordinary companies by providing strategic capital and real-world experience as previous founders.

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Three core areas of early stage risk

We believe there are three core areas of risk for early stage companies. We also believe that de-risking each of these areas leads to an exponentially higher probability of success.

Cuvo Risk Model

Market Risk

Having product-market fit and accurately sizing the market is critical to scale. Understanding macroeconomic risk ensures long-term viability.

Operational Risk

Implement a Business Operating System to master your “people process.” Culture eats strategy for lunch.

Capital Risk

Creating an effecient capital stack will prove fruitful in the long run. Finding the right capital partners is not a luxury; it’s a necessity.

As founders, we figured out what was missing when scaling our previous ventures. So we created a proven playbook that systematically de-risks early stage companies.

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